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Episode 7: News from Papa Jeff.

News galore this week as we talk about the new developer update; evolving Overwatch Esports, Go over Papa Jeff’s quick update, cover the PTR, and squeeze in some responses to reddit posts.

Developer Update:

Papa Jeff’s Response:

PTR Changes:

Reddit Response: The Next Support:

Reddit Response: What about Bastion & Torb

Episode 6: Is this Mercy’s final form?

This week we talk the October 17th patch, fresh Overwatch League information, and have a discussion centered around the defense heroes Mei & Bastion.

This is the article mentioned in the show.

Episode 5: Are you ready for Junkenstein’s revenge?

This weeks episode will cover the recent Halloween event Junkenstein’s revenge, New Mercy PTR changes(Again), and some Sombra tips coming from HLG Bruski.

The full interview with HLG Bruski can be found Here.

Episode 4: Are you off with your Off-Tanks?

Episode 4 covers the new Overwatch League news, The most recent round of Mercy PTR changes, and discussion and tips for Roadhog, and Zarya.

Episode 3: Who is the Swiss Army Support?

This episode covers our thoughts on tilting and how to respond to other players hero choices, we will hear from a master Mercy, and finish the episode talking about Mercy & Ana.

  • Hero picks and tilting – Our philosophy
  • Communities perspective – Thoughts from a Master Mercy
  • Is Mercy OP now? How would we balance her?
  • Why does Ana suck on console?

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Episode 2: What’s up with Junkertown?

We talk about the New Patch, Mercy & Dva changes and Junkertown.

  • Will mercy remain the highest tiered support? How has the Ult change affected Mercy?
  • What does DM mean for Overwatch? How does the DM change and added rockets affect Dva?
  • How do you play Junkertown? Are hero swaps necessary on this map?
  • Reinhardt shield change. What are his new tricks?
  • What other heroes are shadow buffed & nerfed.
  • What are our ideas for the show?

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